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Please review the WEB ORDER TOOL GUIDE before sending a question about the Web Order Tool



File Converter for: POS, .txt, and other files

I received instructions with new password but unable to login

You will need to enter both the new PW and new UserID that are noted on the reset password email.

How Do I search/order by street date or artist, etc?

  1. In ORDER POSITIONS tab select box to the right of the Product Reference Number

  2. Enter Release Date of Choice and select SEARCH (or if searching an artists' catalog, enter Artist name and select SEARCH)

  3. Select blue product reference number - GPID loads into order screen

  4. Select box to the right of the next blank box & repeat

How can I view available Inventory?

There's a couple ways: 1) Select Catalogue Download on top left menu & hit "Download" - within one minute you will receive an excel file with live available inventory numbers; 2) In order entry screen Product Reference Number box, type in UPC/GPID to view Available Stock, or 3) Select small box with 3 dots to right of Product Reference Number and search by artist, title, etc. to view Available Inventory

How do I convert the file automatically generated from my POS system (or other .txt file) to an uploadable file using the File Converter?

  1. click "choose file" or "browse," "order file" then "upload"

  2. select template "MES order upload file" in dropdown menu

  3. click "generate Xlreport url"

  4. click the url/link to download the MES template & upload on Web Order Tool

  5. If you are asked to remove lines from the upload (out of print/out of stock titles), do so and re-upload

*You will need to log out of AXIS every time you want to convert a new file, otherwise it keeps all the titles and info from the last time you converted.

How Do I Save Orders

Selections entered into the Web Order Tool Order Entry Tab should save and populate upon next login, if order was not submitted. Web Order Tool will only save the order currently being built, it will not save multiple orders like The SHOP.

What's the best way to build an order over a period of time?

The most foolproof way to build an order is to build it OFFLINE on your desktop using the .xls file download template housed on the Web Order Tool (and on a separate tab of this FAQ document). Upload after completed. Important: GPIDS/UPCs in column A must be formatted in TEXT and Quantity in column B must be formatted in NUMBER. All colums after B can include anything (or nothing) like: Artist/Title/Street Date. If you are cutting/pasting GPIDs/UPCs into this template, check formatting before upload. File must be saved in .xls

Will I receive an emailed order confirmation?

Although you will not receive an emailed order confirmation, you will see a popup with an order# immediately after you place an order. You will need to click OK before this popup goes away. After you click OK, within minutes your order should populate in ORDER STATUS. You can follow the progress of your order in ORDER STATUS.

Will I receive an emailed invoice?

Invoices can be emailed to any number of individuals at an account. Invoices will be automatically emailed as product ships. To add/change recipients, contact Credit and Billing through

Will I receive an emailed packing slip?

Unfortunately we do not have the capability to automatically send emailed packing slips at this time.

How Do I Cancel all or part of a PO, or a backorder?

In general, orders placed on the Web Order Tool cannot be cancelled. If you'd like to attempt to cancel all or part of a PO, reach out to Customer Service through

Special Remarks section….DO you want to be Special?

As noted on Page 5 of the Web Order Tool User Guide, if anything is entered in the Special Remarks box, this will cause your order to be Stopped/Delayed/Held for manual review and release by Customer Service in the main MES system.

Please only add a special remark if this is really necessary to avoid any delay in your order.


How do I place a damage/shortage/misship claim? Damages/Shortages/Misships…Did we mess up your order?

Contact our credit department through Please note, Credit Department will not re-key items. Customers will need to re-key items themselves through Web Order Tool.

How do I place an overstock return?

ALL return-eligible customers key their own overstock returns directly into the Web Order Tool RETURNS ENTRY section (EDI accounts included). MES requires additional detail when requesting an RA. All RAs will be processed with individual UPC/GPID detail. Having this detail will provide clarity. Product to be returned and the associated credit amount will be confirmed at point of entry. After you submit your return, you will receive an emailed Return Authorization from ODS Sendmail ( with specific instructions + Carton Labels.

Please note: any products or quantities not pre-approved and listed on the Returns Authorization will not be processed, credited or returned to you.

I do not see a Returns Entry option

If you are a terms customer and do not see a Returns Entry option on the Web Order Tool, select Returns Question on and include Account Name, Account Number to request. Please note that Credit Card and Special Market customers are not allowed to return product (unless damaged or shipped due to wea's error)

MES Return Process

The MES Web Tool will check the previous 24 months purchases to review products for eligible return. If your account did not purchase the specific product from WEA in the prior 24 months the product will be rejected. Newly distributed labels are exempt from this process. Deleted titles can be returned up to 90 days after the deletion date, unless deletion notice states otherwise. Our monthly notices of deletions will continue, and you should ensure that your account is receiving these monthly notices. Issued Return Authorizations need to be returned to the Direct Shot Fulfillment center address within 6 weeks of date of issue.

How will RA & call tags be issued?

After inputting return on Web Order Tool, the individual who entered the return should receive an email from ODS Sendmail ( Please check your spam folder if you entered a return and did not receive this email.

Please note: any products or quantities not approved and listed on the Returns Authorization will not be processed, credited or returned to you.

My return authorization lists reasons for rejected UPC/GPID - what do these mean?

Item Does Not Exist

-Product isn't active in the US

-Product is unknown

Item Not Allowed

-Item flagged as non returnable

-Configuration not allowed to return

Item Deleted

-Deletion + 90 days reached

-Recall date reached

Not Enough Purchase For Return - Sales available but already returned/credited what was purchased from WEA

Open Authorization Exists - Available sales already allocated to a return authorization

Item Deleted - No sales found for customer/product

Unknown Customer - Customer unknown

Customer Account Deactivated - Customer account inactive

No Return Rights (Customer) - Customer not allowed to return

I entered a return and did not receive email with specific instructions + Carton Labels

First, check spam folder for email from ODS Sendmail ( and make sure this email address is whitelisted from your email program. If you don’t find in spam, select Returns Question on and include Account Name, Account Number & email address, and they can verify which emails are assigned to this communication for your account.


How do I update my credit card on file?

Go to and choose "Update Credit Card previously submitted through site" on bottom left of screen & input new account number.